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IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE - Crosman C21 / C31 June 2013


June 2013

Crosman Corporation has discovered a potential safety problem with the Crosman C31 and C21 Air Pistols with serial numbers beginning with 12J, 12K, 12L, 12M, 13A 13B, or 13C.

We believe the plastic frame (body) of some of the air pistols may fracture, propelling pieces of plastic through the air, when the pistol is exposed to extreme heat (150 degrees Fahrenheit) with a live and pierced CO2 cartridge in the pistol. If that were to occur, there could be a risk of serious personal injury, particularly to the eye.

Therefore, if your Crosman C31 or C21 Air Pistol has a serial number beginning with 12J, 12K, 12L, 12M, 13A, 13B or 13C, please remove any CO2 cartridge from your pistol and stop using the pistol. Please complete the form below and submit it to begin the return process. You will have the opportunity to pick a replacement product, or, at your option, receive a refund. This exchange will be done at no charge to you.

Please note:
The serial number is located on the left hand side of the slide toward the muzzle of the air pistol.

C21 Air Pistol with serial number shown

C31 Air Pistol with serial number shown

Complete the form below to claim your exchange or refund.

  • Please confirm the information being provided and then click Submit to begin processing your return.
  • We will send you a product return package and prepaid label.
  • Once we have received your product return and the replacement item is in stock, please expect a 3-4 week processing period.