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Airbow Safety

Safety First

  • Adult supervision is ALWAYS required when any type of AIRBOW is in use.
  • ALWAYS know your state and local laws concerning the use of AIRBOWs.

Target Safety

  • ALWAYS treat the AIRBOW as though it is loaded and ready to fire.
  • ALWAYS treat AIRBOW with the same respect you would a firearm.
  • ALWAYS store the AIRBOW unloaded and away from children.
  • ALWAYS keep the muzzle of the AIRBOW pointed in a SAFE DIRECTION.
  • ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger and out of the trigger guard until you are ready to shoot.
  • ALWAYS check to see if the AIRBOW is “ON SAFE” and unloaded when removing it from storage.
  • ALWAYS check to see if the AIRBOW is “ON SAFE” and unloaded when handing it to, or receiving it from another person.
  • ALWAYS be sure of your target and what is beyond.
  • ALWAYS check your archery backstop for wear before and after each use. All backstops are subject to wear and will eventually fail. Replace your backstop if the surface is worn or damaged.
  • NEVER point the AIRBOW at any person or at anything you do not intend to shoot.

To err on the side of caution is always the best course of action. Crosman is committed to safe shooting. Use good judgment in determining whether or not something is unsafe, incorrect, or there is a possibility of harm.

Airbow Safety

  • ALWAYS use arrows designed for use with the AIRBOW.
  • ALWAYS inspect your arrows regularly. NEVER use arrows with any sign of damage. A cracked or split arrow can suffer catastrophic failure upon release and cause severe injury to yourself or others in the area and damage your AIRBOW. Any nicked, dented, split, or splintered arrows should be discarded immediately.
  • ALWAYS have you and others wear shooting glasses to protect your eyes.
  • ALWAYS wear shooting glasses over eye glasses or prescription glasses.
  • ALWAYS keep your hands behind the shroud and away from the arrow rest.
  • ALWAYS keep your face and body parts away from the arrow’s broadhead or field tip.
  • ALWAYS keep your hands clear of the broadhead or field tip when loading an arrow.
  • NEVER shoot anything in the AIRBOW except for arrows designed specifically for the AIRBOW. Shooting other than recommended arrows could result in injury or damage to the AIRBOW.
  • NEVER attempt to disassemble or tamper with your AIRBOW. Use an Authorized Service Station. Using an unauthorized service or repair center, or modifying the function of your AIRBOW in any way, may be unsafe and will void your warranty.
  • Store this AIRBOW charged with air to keep the valves closed against dirt.